New ACPA Supporter: Bruks Siwertell

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New ACPA Supporter: Bruks Siwertell

August 5, 2021

We are pleased to introduce ACPA’s newest Supporter, Bruks Siwertell. Bruks Siwertell’s engineered bulk handling solutions provide terminal operators with ship loaders, unloaders and conveying systems to handle virtually any dry bulk material.

Their solutions meet the most stringent environmental regulations; conveying lines are totally-enclosed, leading to minimal dust emissions and no spillage. Their patented screw-type unloaders and conveyor units are also extremely quiet, making them ideal for use in populated areas. Bruks Siwertell-designed terminal systems maintain operational efficiency throughout the entire dry bulk handling process and can switch between cargoes, when needed.

In addition, factors such as draft restrictions and prohibitive port development costs mean that some dry bulk import and export operations are limited by shore based-terminals. “A floating transfer terminal with onboard unloading, storage and loading facilities can solve these problems. Bruks Siwertell can design jetty mounted transfer terminals using its efficient, totally-enclosed equipment,” says Joanne Turnell, Bruks Siwertell’s new Canadian representative located in Hamilton, Ontario.

For more information, visit WWW.BRUKS-SIWERTELL.COM or reach out to Joanne at