ACPA Statement on Ports Modernization Review Announcement

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ACPA Statement on Ports Modernization Review Announcement

October 11, 2022

In response to Transport Canada’s Ports Modernization Review announcement of this morning, ACPA is sharing the following public comment:

“Since long before the Port Modernization Review was launched by the Government of Canada in 2018, Canada’s port authorities have been actively engaged with the federal government on the structural and governance reforms needed to support future growth in trade while striving to meet ambitious climate change goals. The Association of Canadian Port Authorities and our members look forward to reviewing the Government of Canada’s plans, when they are revealed through proposed amendments to the Canada Marine Act.

In collaboration with shippers and other global ports, Canada’s port authorities are already playing a leading role in the greening of the marine sector, through environmentally sustainable infrastructure and action on climate change. If coming reforms to the Canada Marine Act provide Canada’s port authorities with greater financial flexibility and nimbleness to increase the pace and scope of these investments, while continuing to work ever more collaboratively with local communities and Indigenous Peoples, they will be heartily welcomed.”

Read the press release that ACPA issued last week, in response to the recommendations outlined in the Supply Chain Task Force Final Report. 



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